When I recently I discovered that the domain for jamesmccarthyfoundation.com was available I was surprised and concerned. Why would the JAMES MCCARTHY FOUNDATION CIC which was incorporated in November 2015 allow its domain registration to expire? While I did some detective work to learn the reasons, I was also searching for wigs for my auntie, specifically wigs for black women. There are certainly enough online wig sites for black women, but so many of them sell either inexpensive wigs or outrageously expensive Remy human hair wigs. As an older woman who is not very savvy about shopping online, particularly for something so personal as a wig, I wanted to point her in the direction of a reputable online wig store. So I introduced her to ElegantWigs.com. Although this hair alternative boutique does not cater specifically to women of color, they do have pages of all their brands with models of color making it easier to imagine what the wig would look like on some one like oneself. Short, long and all lengths in-between. I want my auntie to be able to imagine the possibilities! ElegantWigs.com specializes in the highest quality wigs from the top designers and wig manufacturers. With the guaranteed best price, plus free shipping in the US on all wigs. And their customer service folks are the best. Michael is so patient and knowledgable. Sorry for the digression, but I wanted to put in context how I ended up with this domain.

My search for the reason that jamesmccarthyfoundation.com was available was not successful and I never learned why. Nevertheless I decided to buy the domain with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages. I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. The goals of the James McCarthy Foundation are as relevant today as it was when the site was first built.There is no reason why such information should be lost when the domain expired. You can view this site strictly for its historical context or use the information presented in a useful manner continue the cause of raising the awareness regarding proton therapy.


James McCarthy Foundation Objectives

 The James McCarthy Foundation.

The James McCarthy Foundation is a now a legally registered United Kingdom Company. The company number is 09891353. The community interest company is legally registered now. The James McCarthy Foundation team are very happy about this.

Mission Statement of James McCarthy Foundation

 To raise awareness about brain tumours. To raise awareness of brain tumour symptoms. The retraining of doctors to help spot brain tumours early on. Raise awareness of Proton therapy to patients in the United Kingdom campaign.  To have proton therapy start date moved foreword and have the drug Vyomax available to all NHS patients. To be a recognised United Kindom charity we need a sponsor of £5000 pound a year.


 Proton therapy should be available now in the Uk as first line of treatment for brain tumours. It has been around since 1990 in America and their is a perfectly good hospital in Prague which is a lot cheaper than flying patients to America. The little boy who will not be named was completely cleared of cancer by Proton Therapy and Chemotherapy.

 To have the drug Vyomax, available for all NHS patients. It may cost two thousand pound a week but can the government really put a price restriction on someone’s life when twelve billon pound a year spent on foreign aid.

 To develop a free web application to spot the warning signs of tumours as the early they get them the better.

 Raise awareness in particular with GPS regarding signs of brain cancer, some left medical school forty years ago, retraining not compulsory

 Brain tumours are currently regarded as rare. 1600 people a year is not rare. One or two a year is rare. Brain Tumours are the biggest killer of people under 30 in the United Kingdom according to

 To encourage parents to have the options to able to legally look at treatment options abroad.

 I was never told about proton therapy. Patients take the risk in choosing National Health service choices.

 Fund raised will be spent on

 Funds raised 75% will go to Hospital research into into why brain tumours occur.

 The Foundation would like to see how diet affects cancer.

The alkaline diet is supposed to by effective in fighting cancer of all kinds. The incorporation of this into clinical trials would be interesting research.

 A possible campaign for holistic medicine to treat Brain cancer being incorporated as well as NHS treatments.

 A bill to campaign for proton therapy date to be brought forward from 2020, if it ever arrives.

 A campaign to say why does the NHS allegedly say they ‘will’ spent a hundred a sixty thousand pound for someone to have proton therapy in America . The National health service could pay for treatment in Prague for a lot less and treat the tumor with chemotherapy. It has worked in the case of a young British boy.

 A social media campaign to help raise awareness of the jamesmccarthyfoundation and its objectives. This would include Google AdWords , paying for Facebook and Twitter advertising.

 Launching search engine optimisation on website to raise awareness of the foundation then charity.

 Funding will be allocated when a board of directors and medical professionals sit together and discuss the most constructive way to spend the research.

 Proposes board of trustees so far

James McCarthy


Written by James Mccarthy


who we are

The James McCarthy Foundation is a Charity Organisation aiming to raise awareness for Proton Beam Therapy and bring it to the UK.

We are aiming to Campaign to bring this treatment to the UK sooner than announced and in the meantime help support people struggling to get abroad to receive the treatment.

We are currently working towards registering the Charity officially and get this organisation off the ground.


The Backstory

In March 2009 James had a car crash while driving on the motorway. He was cut out of the car, rushed to hospital and after having a number of test he was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a fist. James had emergency surgery to remove the full frontal left lobe of his brain.

After learning to walk, talk, read and write again he underwent 6 weeks of radiotherapy, all the while still managing to attend a kickboxing class once a week.

Shortly after finishing his radiotherapy ...in the September, he started studying for a degree at the university of Salford. After 3 long years of hard work and many weekends spent in the library, James incredibly achieved a 2:1 BSc(Hons) in Business Management.

In September 2013 James started a masters degree at the university of Manchester but in June of this year, after a routine follow up scan we received the devastating news that the tumour had returned as a terminal grade 3/4 cancerous tumour.

We are travelling on foot from Carlisle to Newcastle along Hadrian's Wall covering 84 miles in 80 hours. All the money will go towards James's bucket list and any remaining money after James leaves us will be donated to the Brain Tumour Trust.